Company profile

Telf AG was founded in 1993 in Switzerland. From 1993 to 2010, its main business activity was trading in oil products, primarily sourced from CIS countries.

During this period, Telf AG operated an oil terminal in Latvia, shipping an array of distillates to the global market, including Europe, Asia, North America and Africa, thereby developing its own household logistics expertise, with an intricate knowledge of CIS specifics.

At the same time, Telf AG grew its services capability to its partners and customers through development of its financing services, by offering flexible trade financing and working capital funding solutions.


In 2008, Telf AG expanded its operations by entering into the coal trading business, shipping volumes from different suppliers, including coking coal from Colombia, coke breeze and anthracite from Russia and Ukraine and steam coal from South Africa, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Building on its track record and its ability to offer significant logistics and financing solutions to its partners, within a few years Telf AG succeeded in establishing strategic relationships directly with two of its principal partners: LLC "Razrez "Bungurskiy-Severniy", Russia; and JSC "Shubarkol Komir", Kazakhstan.

Since 2008, Telf AG has expanded its pallet of coal products by engaging in trading of different types of coal to meet the varyingdemands of its clients.

Today, Telf AG supplies its customers with the following products: Coking coal from Colombia; Anthracite from Russia and Ukraine; Coke breeze from Russia and Ukraine; Steam coal from South Africa and Indonesia.


In 2014, Telf AG entered the ferroalloys business by partnering with TNK "Kazchrome" JSC, one of the largest global ferroalloys producers. Today, Telf AG is one of the largest independent ferroalloys traders globally with a presence in multiple locations in Europe, Asia and the US, and selling more than 1 million tonnes of ferroalloys annually.

Telf AG targets to be a reliable and flexible partner to our suppliers and customers and to provide tailor-made solutions to their needs. Over the years, Telf AG has built extensive logistics capabilities, particularly within the CIS region. We are partnering with best-in-class logistics providers to ensure timely delivery of goods to our customers' locations. Today, among our counter parties are many major global steel producers, utilities, wholesalers, trading houses, rail operators, ship owners and ship operators.

Telf AG has longstanding relationships extensive credit lines with many first class banks, allowing us to offer tailor-made financing solutions to our suppliers and customers.

Telf AG is ISO 9001:2015 certified by Bureau Veritas and is audited by KPMG.

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