• Trading

Off-take agreements: providing surety to producers in selling their commodities and potential for using an agreement as a collateral for financing purposes.
Agency agreements: helping producers with financing and marketing their products on a fully transparent basis while allowing producers to retain full market exposure.

  • Logistics

Door-to-door delivery of commodities from production site to end customer. Creating comprehensive multi-modal solutions tailor-made for a specific customer and commodity. Wide network of offices, port agents and warehouses globally to service most demanding just-in-time supply needs.

  • Financing

Efficient and flexible working capital solutions for suppliers with trade and pre-export financing. Access to leading trade finance institutions globally with a wide array of potential financing products. Strong balance sheet to support operations.

  • Market insight

In-depth market analysis and updates, allowing producers to adjust their products and business to end market needs. Strategic sessions with producers to effectively manage their product portfolio and provide them with timely market feedback, enabling them to adapt to changing market environments.